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Comment, if you for some reason think I'm interesting~
I like to make new friends, but I'm usually too shy to be the first one to contact :3

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I was checking which kind of friends only banners writers I like have (even though I'm not going to go friend only, because I feel there is no reason yet) and then run into a discussion about commenting. I would very much like to comment there, but really, I don't even know if I have read this person's fics or do I just recognize her name. The post is also almost a month old, so wouldn't that be very creepy if I commented? So I think that the second best idea is to write my thoughts here.


Loong boring analysis about (my) commenting on fanfics -__- )


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Over 10,000 words -fics:


Saudade - PG-13, [info]waxrose ♥
    - Set six years into the future: Ohno hears about it first from Nino… ~13,000 words.

5 & 1/2 Minute Hallway - PG-13, [info]lifeinthebox
    - Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. ~ Thomas Fuller. 18,515 words.


Loose Ends - PG-13, [info]track_04
    - In life and death, sometimes all you need is a helping hand. It takes 7 different people to teach Ryo this particular lesson. In the same universe as 5 & 1/2 Minute Hallway. There is a very nice Ryo/Massu part. 14,916 words.


Ueda, Koki, Maru
00 - NC-17, [info]velvetgunfire
    - It begins on the train on the way home from practice, when they are both eighteen.

Less than 10,000 words -fics:

Never Compete With The Elephant In Defecating - PG-13, Humor, [info]tokeruyouna
    - Immigration office AU, Ryo-centric.

It's a Little Funny Story - PG, gen, crystallekil ( shoulderouscomb )
    - They say you can't go back to the way things used to be, but KAT-TUN has never been one for conventionality.

eleven, uneven (perfect) - gen, [info]trivialaffair ( trivialwriting )
    - Office AU, triv's, so there is adorable Massu. News are loved.


Underrated - PG-13, gen, [info]omoshiroina
    - As Ryo follows Ueda Tatsuya for the rest of the afternoon, he discovers a side of him that he has never before bothered to know.

Masuda Takahisa fics:

Smile Maker - G, [info]sinestrated 
    - Masuda decides to grow up, but seems to have gone about it the wrong way.

Massu/Ryo (I'm biased)
Adjusting - PG, H/C, [info]tinyangel ♥
    - Set in the future, Massu meets Ryo after News has disbanded.
Insatiable - NC-17, Smut, [info]lethes_oblivion ♥
    - Massu likes to taste.
Touch - PG, H/C, [info]scatteredink 
    - Masuda was trapped between two heart aches.
Food for Thought - PG, [info]lifeinthebox
    - It wasn’t until he walked in on Massu eating a popsicle that Ryo suspected he might have a problem.
Of Popsicles and Summer Afternoons - PG-13, fluff, track_04 ( colorcodedlines)
    - Ryo and sweet things do not mix. Unless, of course, they're Massu.
Echo Game - PG-13, romance, [info]bakemonokun ( lovedealer ) ♥
    - Sometimes, all you need is to scream at some trees.
Something to be - R, imifumei ( unmeiwafunky ) ♥
    - "He should never have come here. It's not as if he had the slightest clue what he expected to do here. "
Love Toast - NC-17, PWP, crystallekil ( shoulderouscomb ) ♥
    - Sometimes Ryo just wants to take it like a bitch.

Best Friends Don't Necessarily Come in Namesquishes - G, Friendship, [info]misticloud  & [info]trivialaffair ♥
    - Massu thinks about his and Shige's friendship.
In Fields Where the Yellow Grass Grows Knee-High - PG-13, Fluff, [info]monggi 
    - Shige wonders why he is with Massu.
Under A Stone-Grey Sky - R, [info]misticloud & [info]trivialaffair
    - The story of a lighthouse keeper's son and his best friend. ~18000 words. Epic sad drama.

Leaving the Door Unlocked (For You) - R, H/C, [info]trivialaffair 
    - Massu never stays the night.
Driving Me Wild - NC-17, Smut, [info]wristcutshow 
    - The title says it all.
Just a little off the top please - NC-17, smut, [info]wristcutshow
    - Changing hairstyles is like changing your whole life; or sex life.
The Shoemaker - PG-13, [ profile] trivialaffair  ( trivialwriting )
    - AU. Out of all the shoes Massu has made, he remembers only five pairs.

Fight - NC-17, Angst, [info]hontou ♥
   - Angsty, angry and good with an actual idea.
Typhoon - NC-17, [info]hontou 
   - Snarky but cute, "Well, you won't talk, but maybe you'll play Truth."

Massu/Kitagawa Keiko
High school friends
Who with who -list
Stars and Strings - PG, [info]koneho 
Like a bowl full of cherries - G, [info]agirlcalledkil 
and so on here.

Silent Like the Wings of Dawn - PG, het/gen, [info]anamuan 
    - The transfer was good for Massu. Massu missed feeling like he had a place. (Future-fic, Song-fic: Osaka Rainy Blues)


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